Currently supported Hadoop versions:

  1. 2.4.x (run with -PhadoopVersion=2.4.0)
  2. 2.6.x (run with -PhadoopVersion=2.6.1) -- 2.6.0 had a bug that prevented keytab re-log. HADOOP-10786
  3. 2.7.x (run with -PhadoopVersion=2.7.0)
  4. 2.8.x (run with -PhadoopVersion=2.8.0)
  5. 2.9.x (run with -PhadoopVersion=2.9.0)
  6. 3.0.x (run with -PhadoopVersion=3.0.0)

If you are building for 2.5.x you can re-use the 2.4.x build. Check How To Build for how to set these versions in your build.