How to run:

  1. (Optional) Check out /usr/local/nn-analytics/bin/nn_loader and observe that the JVM set-up is adequate for your needs. Modify the shell scripts as necessary for your environment. It is possible to change the classpath here and point to your own HDFS installations.
  2. As root, run: service nn-analytics start
  3. (Optional) On your browser hit: http(s)://HOSTNAME:8080/namespace.html and fetch the latest image and then service nn-analytics restart if this is your first run.
  4. If any issues occur check /var/log/nn-analytics for logs.

** As root you can run: service nn-analytics stop to shutdown or just kill -9 the process.

** It is advised that, in production, you hit http(s)://HOSTNAME:8080/namespace.html and "Save Namespace" prior shutting down your NNA instance.